The Power of Your Sub-Conscious Mind

Sub-Conscious Mind

Albert Einstein said – “Every particle has the knowledge of the whole”- —- “we carry within our consciousness all the knowledge and experience of the human race”. 

“Awaken your sub-conscious mind. All the creative thinkers of the world after tasting this thundered: “Man know Thyself” 

The sub-conscious mind is a Kingmaker. All the researchers and inventors, artists, businessmen and professional get the creative ideas by tapping their sub-conscious mind. According to psychologists, an average person uses only 5% to 10% of his total potential, the rest remaining untapped and unexplored throughout life due to inattention and ignorance. We have to learn to use all the powers of our subconscious mind in order to realize our full potential and fulfil our dreams and ambitions to do something new and unique.

Ask your subconscious mind to guide you. Remove your mental blocks, fears and phobias by suggestions to your subconscious mind. Whenever you are stuck up in a very serious problem and do not know the way out, you can ask your subconscious mind to guide you. The subconscious mind will provide a solution to your problem. Everybody has experienced in his life it that whenever we think hard on any subject, the solution is flashed in our mind by intuition. This is the work of our sub-conscious mind.

Albert Einstein said, “It is not that I am more intelligent than others. I simply stay with the subject for a longer time”. Whenever anybody thinks about a particular subject very deeply, he is unconsciously linked to the subconscious from where they get the creative ideas. Wilbur Wright, the inventor of aeroplane wrote in his biography that, after failing in practical experiment for many years, as an engineer, once he was thinking very deeply till midnight about the machine which could fly. He just had a nap of a few minutes and in that period he saw in a flash the design of the machine that could fly. In the morning, he fabricated that machine and it flew for a few minutes. That was the birth of aircraft technology.

Your subconscious mind needs command, and it will obediently obey your orders. The subconscious mind does not work on its own. It needs some instructions, maybe in the form of direct orders or simply our yearning or strong desire and it jumps up to fulfil the same. It is like a treasure house whose key is with you. If you do not use the key, the treasure house of your sub-conscious mind will remain closed.

You can attract the ideal companion, business contacts and money you want by tapping the sub-conscious mind—Vincent Peale. Whenever you sincerely desire to achieve some goal or target, your sub-conscious will provide you with the right contacts and create a situation where some people of similar thoughts are searching somebody and you will come into contact with them and the result will be good luck and money.

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