Do you know how wonderful you are?  There are trillions of cells in a human body and within each cell lie factories to manufacture proteins, power plants to generate energy, intricate transportation systems for molecules, and network for communication.  All cells are constantly moving, pulsating and dividing.  

Every cell is a highly organized unit, and a building block which combines to form tissues and different tissues join together to make the various organs of a body.  Various organs work together to make different systems of the body such as nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system etc.  Despite being independent units, the cells usually work together.  All the different parts of the body, all its cells, want to move in unification. When this natural rhythm and harmony is disrupted in the body, then disease and disorder arises.

Each cell contains a complete set of work-instructions called ‘Human Genome’:  The structure and activities of each of these cells during the entire lifetime of the human being are controlled by a set of instructions found in the nucleus of each of the cells, which is called the Human Genome.  The human genome comprises of a sequence of approximately 3 billion (300 crores) component parts, called ‘Nucleatides’, which serve as the alphabet for the language of life. 

Each cell in your body works according to the thoughts you think: You are like the commander of a submarine, looking through a periscope to get his findings.  Ahead, you see impassable icebergs.  Around you are enemies waiting to attack at a vulnerable point.  Behind you is fog; beneath you is the fathomless sea. You send these reports down, one after another, to the men in the submarine.  They cannot look out; they do not know how far your report is true.  They accept it.  They will sit down in despair, with a feeling of “Oh what’s the use of trying” in their hearts.  Similar will be the situation if you send negative thoughts to the cells of your body.

When you are optimistic, it puts back life in your cells: Then something good happens and changes your thought picture. Perhaps an unexpected increase in salary; better prospects; or someone else has a change of heart and pays up an old debt which you never expected to be returned.  Now life is full of possibilities once more.  Watch those little cells respond with joy and give a message of hope. 

Have you ever thought what if you could give orders to millions of people to help you transform yourself?  Just think – Trillions of cells, all awaiting orders from you and each cell in your body has God-intelligence within it to carry out any instruction you give.  All the cells in your body listen to and obey your command.  Octillion cells of your body are awaiting your orders.  Order anything and these atomic servants (cells of your body) will jump to fulfill your expectations.

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