Inner Health with Ayurveda for a post-COVID outer life

Learn how you can improve your Inner Health with Ayurveda and be prepared to live in a post-Covid outer life

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When there is so much uncertainty with regard to the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic and its treatment and safety protocols, The OmniLife in collaboration with one of India’s top Ayurvedic experts, Dr. Sudhindra Uppoor held a webinar Session on 30th May, 2020 on the topic “How to improve your Inner Health with Ayurveda.. for a post lockdown outer life”
 As we are nearing the lifting of the lockdown, the session has come as a sigh of relief for all of us as Dr. Uppoor shared various Self-care tips on Ayurveda and life that may help modulate immunity when we start getting out of our houses. 

Here is the synopsis of the session – Inner Health with Ayurveda


-It is good to sleep by 10:30 pm as from 10:30 pm to 1:00 am is the time when the liver regenerates.
-Wake up at Brahma mahurat 6-6:30 am
-Drink 300-400 ml warm water kept overnight in a copper vessel
-Evacuate: go to the loo
-Brush Start your day with taking care of your sense organs:
Step 1: After you wake up oil your body. It is important to nourish your sense organs so start with your nose and put a drop of Cow’s Ghee or or warm sesame oil into your nostrils or else one can also use Anutailam, which is easily available in the market for the purpose.
Step 2  Rasanjana: Working on laptops and watching TV stresses our eyes. So in morning do Rasanjana, i.e. put Eye drop into your eyes so that these nourished well.
Step 3:  For Hair use coconut or castor oil.
Step 4: Abhyagam is self-massage with pure organic sesame (til) oil. Use warm sesame oil  to massage and apply on your joints. Oil helps to lubricate the body.
Step 5: Do yoga for atleast 45 minutes in abundant sunlight so that your body absorbs Vitamin D properly.
Step 6: For bathing, use warm water on body, but for your head use only water that is in room temperature.  


Before Breakfast  ⁃  Drink water from copper vessel first thing in the morning, it will help in killing the bacteria in the water
First thing in the morning
Take half tsp Turmeric powder, 1/4 tbspn ginger , 1/8 tbspn pepper , 1 cup warm water , 2 tbsp honey and squeeze half a lime.This is very good for immunity
Before Lunch  ⁃Take a mixture of  1/2 tbspn onion juice , 1/2 Tbspn fresh ginger , 1/2 tbspn garlic juice
Post Dinner⁃Prepare a mixture in warm water of 1 tbspn of harad powder( haritaki) , 1/2 tbspn ginger powder, 1/4  tbspn Himalayan pink salt Include food that are good antioxidants like
  -Aloe Vera⁃Turmeric⁃Ginger⁃Methi⁃Onions⁃Garlic Seeds are rich source of Zinc. Especially good for women because it has anti-ageing , anti- wrinkling properties.Good sources of zinc are⁃Sesame seeds⁃Pumpkin seeds⁃Sunflower seeds⁃Chia seeds Intake Food with Vitamin C
⁃Amla⁃Grapefruit⁃Oranges Body’s immunity should not be hyper active neither should it be subdued. It should be in modulation. For Immunity modulators remember the 4 Cs:
⁃Carrot⁃Celery⁃Capsicum⁃Coriander Improve your Ojas with
⁃Black gram daal⁃Sesame with jaggery  laddus
To prevent acidity .Tsp of ajwain with hot water after lunch and dinner

Taking healthy food and building immunity is right but is incomplete unless one has a good 7-8 hrs of sleep. If someone does not get to sleep easily can try the below tips . These will definitely help. 

• Mix ghee , sesame oil , coconut oil in equal proportion and make a mix and do foot massage.
• Mix tspn Cumin powder with well ripened banana  and eat it post dinner.
Make a potli with khus khus ( poppy seeds ) and keep smelling at night. 

– Keep you anger at bay and focus on ⁃ Ahimsa – non violence.
Be content and satisfied with your life.
Control the following⁃Anger⁃Jealousy⁃Irritability⁃Envy

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