Harshh Verma

Buddhism, Kung Fu & Chinese Medicine

Harshh Verma, born and raised in Mumbai, is a former professional soccer player. He played for junior clubs within India and International at AC Milan junior team in Leicester City Junior in England. After a knee surgery and a botched recovery, he went searching for a more natural medicine. This journey led him to China, where he immersed himself into the daily life of the Shaolin Temple and became a monk, serving for 4 years.

He is the first foreigner in the world to be absorbed by the temple to travel around the globe for Kung Fu performances. Out of 120 Warrior Monks, Harshh was one of 8 monks selected to train in professional traditional archery and represent the temple.

A short documentary called “INDIAN IN THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE” observes his journey of recovering from his injury and related complications to his full immersion into Shaolin culture and lifestyle.

Now looking to share his learnings, Harshh aims to educate people on the three pillars of Shaolin: Chan, Wu, Yi: praying, Kung-Fu , and medicine.