Workplace Wellness

Small Daily Changes Make A Big Impact

OmniLife - Workplace Wellness

We see workplaces more as physical spaces, and not as much as mental spaces. Our approach is to share with team leaders and members alike the tools to unlocking their potential by improving mental vigor and physical vitality to achieve total wellbeing and contribute to their environment like never before.

With many of our founding members coming with more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, we teach only those principles which we ourselves practice and have benefited from in our own personal and corporate lives.

The OmniLife 90 Days Challenge

Handpick a group of team leaders or team members and take them through ‘The OmniLife Program’ for 90 days and see their mind, body and spirit soar.

OmniLife - Stress management

Our Mental wellbeing experts will coach your teams improve their productivity by leveraging their work-stress.

OmniLife - Movement

Our movement experts will design customized capsule exercises based on the thorough study of their time and motion.

OmniLife - Financial Well-being

To achieve Total wellbeing, one has to start by developing a sense of financial wellbeing. We start with basics of Money Management, Budgeting and Tax Planning.

OmniLife - Nutrition

Our nutrition experts combine the best practices of modern science backed diet with ancient ayurvedic principles to enhance your team’s physical and mental vitality.

An investment of 90 days in a well-designed workplace wellness program will lead to improved productivity for years to come.

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